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revobox Office - At a glance

  • Remote access for Windows® 7, Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad
  • Access files and services
  • Direct integration into existing network infrastructure
  • Secure authentication using passwords
  • Support for your SuisseID
  • Authentication against Active Directory
  • Up to 35MBit/s throughput
  • Unlimited number of concurrent connections
  • Branch office interconnects using multiple revoboxes

Remote access for small businesses

Secure and from anywhere: revobox Office offers access to your files and services in your office. Connect to your network while on the road or at home.


The small and power saving hardware is designed especially for small and home offices connected via DSL or cable to the interent. It integrates seamlessly into your existing network behind NAT routers.

revobox integration

The Windows® 7 built-in client software works perfectly on the client side. No additional per-user costs, no problematic software installation. Additionally supported are the native Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad VPN clients. Experimental support for Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices is available.

Full control

Enables you to access your documents and services from anywhere, withouth giving your sensible data to a third party. Access to your network is under your control, whether you're using authentication with a password, the SuisseID or your existing Active Directory. Keep control of your documents.

Simple administration and use

The product is enhanced with a set of revosec hosted services, simplifying its use significantly. A DNS service guarants the connectivity, even if your internet provider does not have static addresses. The configuration services allows you to set up clients within seconds, without any compromise in security.

Surf securely while on the road

In addition to accessing your network, you can forward your internet traffic over your home network. All of your traffic gets encrypted when accessing the internet over insecure hotspots.

Branch office interconnects

Beside remote access connectivity, a revobox can connect two branch offices together when coupled with a second box. Both networks get transparently merged to a single, unified network using the internet.


For the operation of a revobox Office, a DHCP server on the local network is recommended. When using a router without UPnP functionality, manual configuration of UDP port forwarding is required.