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Our skills

We provide services for different open source projects and are specialized to strongSwan and the networking/crypto layers of the Linux kernel. We offer:

  • Integration of strongSwan into your environment
  • Extending strongSwan by additional features and protocol extension
  • Professional support for the strongSwan IPsec stack
  • Commercial Licenses for the IKEv2 implementation in strongSwan
  • Fixing and extending the Linux kernel networking and crypto layers


revosec AG has a strong knowledge in IPsec, IKE and other security protocols. We have developed the leading open source IKEv2 implementation maintained in the strongSwan project.

Major companies all over the globe have chosen the strongSwan IKEv2 solution for their products and services. They were satisfied by:

  • High code quality and well commented code (Ohloh Analysis)
  • Very scalable architecture
  • Modular and customizable design
  • Superior performance and small footprint
  • Runs on Linux, Android, BSD and is portable to other systems
  • Support for IPv6, MOBIKE, Suite B, EAP, CRL/OCSP, RADIUS and many more

With revosec AG as your partner, you benefit from a reliable partner with a lot of experience in IPsec, strongSwan and the Linux ecosystem.